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Best Tips to Achieve a High OET score

26th September 2020 by Dr. UAK

As for other English Language tests for example IELTS, you have to be very well prepared. As taking any English Language test can be terribly frightening and nerve racking without preparation and ground work.
To help you achieve good grades Peace Pakistan has brought you some of the best and tested tips and tricks to follow to ensure your good grades!

1. Learn about OET structure
2. Create your own study plan
3. Sharpen your skills
4. Prepare from Mock tests
5. Analyze yourself

1. Learn about OET structure:

Occupational English Test (OET) is an international English language test that is recognised and trusted, which assesses the language communication skills of healthcare professionals who seek to register and practise in healthcare boards and councils in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Ukraine, Dubai, Namibia and Singapore. Four language skills are assessed that include

• Reading
• Writing
• Speaking and
• Listening

Understanding each part separately is key which not only helps you feel comfortable but will also allow you to focus and helps you understand each section and what it is assessing.
Please note that all candidates sit the same Reading and Listening tests, however, Writing and Speaking tests are specific to profession.

2. Create your own study plan:

As with different level of competence every person has different pace to study. One cannot simply follow anyone else’s timetable, so make your own.
Keeping in mind your inadequateness of the topic, schedule accordingly. If you want to score well, you cannot squeeze all your study time into a week.
How to make study plan? A terrifying question which always arises with the start of any academic year!
Remember, be realistic and work on areas you are lacking and if you have worked all day, you may not have the energy to learn and practice new strategies. You need to allow yourself some time for commuting, relaxing, eating, and sleep. If you don’t give yourself enough time for these, you will increase your stress levels which can be disastrous for your grades.

3. Sharpen your skills:

Since you already have knowledge of OET, now you can work on sharpening these skills and getting an edge. Continue with For speaking part/ sub-test make it part of your everyday living. You can either chat or converse with your friends, colleagues or family. This way you will be more comfortable and confident in exam.

4. Prepare from Mock tests:

It’s time to have a grand practice session which you can do free of cost from the Official OET website. It is always good to have multiple tests practice for being able to adapt the actual exam setting.

5. Analyze yourself:

Since, you have done a lot of practice and given many mocks, now it’s the time to analyze and review what you have done. Revisit the weak parts to ensure rectify the lacking.
A good tip is to study with the stationery you will use during the test. This will help you get comfortable with your chosen pen or pencil as well as the 2B pencil. It will also stop you using any stationery that is not allowed in the test room.
Now you have properly analyzed yourself and corrected the mistakes you made, you can relax a day before test. It is important. Don’t try to sit and do any last-minute cramming the night before. It will just cause added stress when you go into test day.

Things to do a Night before OET Exam

26th September 2020 by Dr. UAK

To ensure your day runs smoothly on test day, it is important to calm your nerves which is usually a difficult task in such high stakes English test.
Peace Pakistan wants to make sure that your exam day runs as smoothly as possible by gathering all reliable and tested tips and made a small checklist to see on a night before exam.

1. Check venue details
2. Check ID you used to apply for OET (usually a Passport)
3. Check Stationary that includes non-mechanical pens and pencils (2B pencils), Erasers, Pencil Sharpener (all to be in a transparent/clear stationary holder/zip-lock bag.
4. Clear/transparent plastic water bottle with their labels removed.

You should also bring a bag with you so you can deposit your phone and other restricted items.

Thing NOT Allowed in OET Exam hall

26th September 2020 by Dr. UAK

You should bring a bag with you so you can deposit your phone and other restricted items.

Following items are restricted in exam halls:1. Mechanical pens and pencils
2. Highlighters
3. Correction fluid or tape
4. Bags, notes or study materials
5. Dictionaries or thesauruses
6. Electronic items such as phones, MP3 players, cameras, watches.

You should also bring a bag with you so you can deposit your phone and other restricted items.