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Smile Snag

It all started with her deadly smile. Lips slightly bent and open to reveal the shining and lovely teeth. I didn’t realize the brand of toothpaste that she used, but now I am sure it must be Colgate with pepper and salt. I could easily see a dimple on her chubby cheeks and a pimple on her pointed chin. A moment before my words, I was also able to see some more pimples camouflaged due to the heavy makeup and Birch color foundation. All these combined with her bluish eyes lined with fluffy lashes, mascara igniting the flame of my candle heart and melting my wax life.

All I wanted was to achieve her, but she refused me like the Weak Nuclear Force. I tried every technique mentioned on the Facebook group “PixkupGrlzz,” but failed whatsoever. If I had the power to bring the Chand ka Tukdaa for her, she would be rude enough to reject it too. I could not visualize her endeavouring demands. She wanted me to cool down the sun to stop global warming, as well as start a mega-fire on earth to end the upcoming winter.

Finally, I decided to give her up. I had two options. Either to throw her in the deep Antarctic Oceans, her worst nightmare. Or to push her in the rocket going to Mars, my favorite dream. Unfortunately or fortunately I was broke. My pocket did not allow me to waste more on her. I deduced a plan D. You must be asking it should be plan C, not D. Wait, you will get to know every bit of detail. My D for Dianasour plan was simple as E=mc2, which accompanied twice the power of C. Gotcha?

The hidden chemistry of my plan was to start fission using a neutral neutron. Once a chain reaction is initiated, she would explode herself since she was no less than U235, excited and fissile.

I was unable to execute my ferocious plan due to my dumb nature. Unfortunately, she somehow knew my intentions. I felt miserable and tried to apologize in my own golden words. I wrote her a letter enclosed with rose petals.

Dear my Super Sweet Savour,

I sing a sad song to save my soul,
My heart is sorry and has a hole,
Don’t leave me to burn like coal,
Help me reach my goal,
You know me as a whole.

I know, this felt like being trolled
I no more wanted to be foul,
I wanted to stop your control,
I don’t want to do your patrol
Rock and Roll, Rock and Roll

The evocative fragrance of roses with my mere poetry surely would have a long term effect if she had ever read my letter. I don’t know why she never replied.
I am now old, bold, and cold. I had been stuck in this mental dilemma due to my own thoughts. I miss my bounty. Her absence has engulfed me completely. I have kept myself busy following dream after dream after dream and have found myself worn out. And still, people call me worth living. They all have their own perspective and frame of mind. In short, just turn around, step out, and be content with what you got, because everything around you is a delusion crafted by your own design.


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